Hard of Hearing

If you are hard of hearing and struggling to hear the telephone ring or people at the other end, we can help.

We have a number of hearing air compatible products that we can install that will increase the volume of the ringer and earpiece.

We can install telephone sockets into bedrooms for piece of mind, so that should anything happen during the night you are able to reach a telephone quickly and easily. 

We can also offer:

  • Loud external bells, so that should you be out in the garden you will hear the telephone. 
  • Hearing aid compatible telephones with loud audible & visual alerts
  • Cordless hearing aid compatible telephones
  • Quality range of hearing aids, from behind the ear, to in-ear discreet models that are fully rechargeable and come with a 3 year warranty.
  • Loud doorbells with both audible and visual alerts that someone is ringing your doorbell.
  • A range of cordless doorbells, that allow you to carry the wireless bell box around the house and garden and never miss another visitor.

If you would like to arrange an assessment visit, please call us on 07765 649470 to arrange.

For more information on hearing loss click the NHS logo:

Hard of Hearing - NHS information on hearing loss

NHS info on hearing loss

Hard of Hearing - Hearing aid in ear

Hard of Hearing - behind the ear hearing aid