Digital Voice Landline – also Sky Voice, TalkTalk Voice, IP Voice

Digital Voice / The Landline Phone Switch Off

Digital Voice Installation Service and Repair

landline switch off digital voice installationIf you are worried about the upcoming switch to Digital Voice (aka Sky Voice, TalkTalk Voice, IP Voice, VOIP etc) I can offer a calmer, less rushed, more organised and bespoke installation to suit your location and your property. I can visit you and assess what is required for you and your property to have a good and reliable service.

Providers lean towards the “plug and play” “one size fits all” offering. This means that in most cases they will send you some equipment in a box and then its up to you to install it. 

For example if you live in a large house with multiple telephone sockets, I can ensure that all of those sockets and desk-phones or cordless phones, continue to function after the switch. I can provide a back up power device so that in the event of a power cut, your telephones continue to work, a feature missing from the equipment supplied by providers. 

  • Retain your existing number – guaranteed!
  • Existing telephone sockets continue to work after the switch to Digital Voice
  • Backup power so that your phones work during a power cut
  • Provision for Personal Alarm / Fall Detection Pendant Systems to ensure they work after the switch over
  • Your house alarm system continues to see a “landline” it can use.
  • No lengthy contracts, as little as 30 days with the provider I use
  • My support and advice during and after the switch

However, the most important piece of advice I can give, is that if your provider is pressing you to switch to Digital Voice or any other Digital type product; wait and contact me first. I say this because the switch over will almost certainly tie you in to a new contract with your provider and exiting these contracts, [even if the new service isn’t working reliably] can be a tedious and time consuming headache.

If you have already switched and you are experiencing problems with Digital Voice, Sky Voice, TalkTalk Voice, IP Voice or any other Digital Telephone offering, please get in touch so that I can help you.

My email address: landlineman telephone engineer contact

Mobile number (due to workload it is best to call after 6pm or at weekends):  07765 649 470

I cover the following areas: Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire. Other areas on request.