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Emergency and Temporary Broadband Service

Emergency Broadband.Emergency Broadband

Landline Man® Emergency Broadband system can provide cover during a broadband network outage, office relocation, temporary office, building site office broadband, small festival fields or for special events from £250 per week.

Broadband connectivity is crucial for everyone and our system can keep you connected.

Emergency Broadband Solution

  • Fixed IP – perfect for an on site server or CCTV
  • Unlimited Data Option (fair use policy applies)
  • Basic site install included
  • Wireless and not dependent on a Phone Line
  • Standard Antenna Installation included
  • Temporary Telephone/Voice Service available for incoming/outgoing calls
  • Available for business and residential customers.
  • All payments are due on installation completion by debit/credit card
  • £500 equipment deposit

Reasons you might need emergency broadband:

  • When your provider fails to deliver a seamless switch during a move
  • During an extended network outage to keep you connected
  • When requiring broadband in a location without traditional infrastructure
  • If you require broadband on a temporary basis

Whatever your situation, our solution is perfect and you may be so impressed with our data speeds you want to stay – long term competitive rates are available. Contact us for more information.

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